Tarian Medical AbS

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Healthy Tissue Growth

Provides a structure for cells to attach and tissue regrowth at the site of the defect.

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Fully Resorbable Scaffold

Over the course of about three months, the scaffold is completely gone – leaving behind healthy tissue.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Reduced infection, chronic pain, and recurrence – resulting in improved patient satisfaction.



Base Technology

Synthetic nanofiber scaffolds that mimic physical structures in the body, which encourages cell attachment, growth, and development.

Decellularized Native Tissue

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Nanofiber Technology

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Treatment Process

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An organ breaks through a weak point in the muscle or tissue that holds it, forming a hernia.
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The Tarian AbS provides mechanical support and promotes healing at the site of the defect.
Over time, the scaffold is fully absorbed and a new, healthy tissue lining is formed.